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5 Steps to lose weight


It all started in Japan with where a new diet target is set known as Cinderella weight target. This new phenomenon has created chaos on internet with every expert debating this idea. I would like to keep it a bit too simple with some common sense. It is not about punishing your body, its about staying healthy. So do not jump to execute every idea that goes viral on social media. These viral topics are created by advertising experts not my smart gym trainers.
Anyway, We have just entered the 2nd quarter of 2018. Are you still panicking about all that glasses of wine, hot cross buns and chocolates that you gulped on Easter long weekend? If yes, you are not alone and the good news is we have just released 5 steps to lose weight even after you were a bit undisciplined in the 1st quarter of 2018.

Step 1: You immediately start high intensity interval training. It has been proven short burst of cardiovascular exercise on regular interval help you burn more calories and hence lose weight fast. Also, extra usage of oxygen helps you burn more calories even after you have stopped exercising. This phenomenon is known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.

Step 2: Increase your protein intake. Protein needs energy to be digested. So just eating food full of protein starts burning more calories. Problem is how much protein to take. General rule is to take 0.75 gm to 1.25 gm of protein per KG of your body weight. Not only that but protein helps you build muscle which in turn good in melting fat. Does it not make sense?

5 steps to lose weight

Step 3: Great news is that you are allowed to eat your carb, only condition being that you eat it at the right time. You should eat all your carbs right after your cardiovascular workout.  But you should live only on vegetables and other low carb food rest of the day.  This is an ideal way to build your muscle and melt your fat.

Step 4: Eat healthy fat. Healthy fat gives you energy when you do your high intensity workout to melt your body fat. You must eat whole eggs, fresh fish, coconut oil, fish oil, grass fed meat and dairy products and raw nuts will provide you sufficient energy when you are doing fat melting workouts.

Healthy food also help your body produce testosterone, absorb some vitamins, optimize brain function and keep your hair soft and smooth.

Step 5: Insist on eating organic fresh food which are free from chemicals, pesticides, preservatives etc. Your body has to work extra hard to deal with these substances. In fact, this step is the most important step of 5 steps to lose weight. Keep toxins out of your body.

Don't you think these 5 steps to lose weight are so easy to remember and easy to follow. Really, life is simple but we go out of the way to complicate it unnecessarily.

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