Quinoa Diet Vs Paleo Diet

What Works Better Quinoa Diet Or

Paleo Diet?

Forget about vitamins and Paleo diets, the new diet fad this season is Quinoa Diet. You may have heard about it before. Be it on the blogs of many fitness “gurus”  or endorsed by celebrity after celebrity, quinoa has built up quite a reputation for itself.

But what exactly is it? A quinoa diet is a grain that forms edible seeds. If it is just another grain, what makes it so different? The difference lies within the higher than normal protein content which as well as it being gluten-free and contains all nine essential amino acids required for the diet. From a biochemist’s perspective, this is no small feat, especially from a non-meat-based product. It has a low GI content, also a bonus, which ultimately means you will be fuller for longer, and will require for you to eat less in order to feel satisfied.

Although the popularity of the Quinoa diet has only surged in the last few years, South America has been consuming this scared crop for years, and it remained as a stable part of their diet. Apart from the amazing nutrient benefits aside, the best part of quinoa in my opinion is the ease and adaptability of incorporating into someone’s diet. It can easily be substituted for rice, pasta, and bread, and takes the same amount of time to cook. The taste and texture may take a while for everyone to get used to, but the health benefits definitely outweigh the slight change in taste!